CHI 2024

Update: CHI’24 is now complete. We thank everyone who has contributed. We had the following winners:

Special Recognition for Sustainable Practices

Research with Potential for Sustainable Impact

SolderlessPCB: Reusing Electronic Components in PCB Prototyping through Detachable 3D Printed Housings
Zeyu Yan, Jiasheng Li, Zining Zhang, and Huaishu Peng (University of Maryland)
Ecothreads: Prototyping Biodegradable E-textiles Through Thread-based Fabrication
Jingwen Zhu, Lily Winagle, and Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao (Cornell University)

Research Teams with Inspirational Research Practices

Learning About Social Context From Smartphone Data: Generalization Across Countries and Daily Life Moments
Aurel Rubem Mäder, Lakmal Meegahapola, and Daniel Gatica-Perez (Idiap Research Institute, EPFL)
ShareYourReality: Investigating Haptic Feedback and Agency in Virtual Avatar Co-embodiment
Karthikeya Puttr Venkatraj, Wo Meijer, Monica Perusquia-Hernandez, Gijs Huisman, and Abdallah El Ali (Various)

Student Research Competition: Graduate

1st Place:
The Potential of Learning With AI-Generated Pedagogical Agents in Instructional Videos
Jullia Lim (Columbia University)
2nd Place:
Who is the Better Operator of an Identity Wallet Prioritised by the User? – A Quantitative Survey Between State and Company
Sandra Kostic (Freie Universität Berlin)
3rd Place:
Towards Designing for Multimodal Remembering: Findings from an Interview Study
Ege Otenen (Indiana University)

Student Research Competition: Undergrad

1st Place:
Exploring LLM-based Chatbot for Language Learning and Cultivation of Growth Mindset
Minsol Kim, Aliea L Nallbani, Abby Rayne Stovall (Wellesley College)
2nd Place:
Green Cloud: Supporting Sustainable Behavior by Helping Users Remove Unnecessary Photos from Cloud Storage Service
Donghee Hyun, Eunjung Jang, Taesung Kim, Jaebaek Lee (Kookmin University)
3rd Place:
Student Interaction with NewtBot: An LLM-as-tutor Chatbot for Secondary Physics Education
Anna Lieb and Toshali Goel (Wellesley College)

Student Design Competition

EcoWatt: An Electricity Management App to Illuminate Community-Driven Sustainability in Student Accommodations
Julia Wernersbach, Douglas Ng, Sophie Ka Ling Lau, Wenqi Zhu, and Ziyue Lai (University College London)
Where’s the Water? Supporting Clean Water Access for the Homeless Community
Alexandra Balmaceda and Ziwei Chen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Runner Up:
EcoFashion Scanner: Bridging the Gen Z and Millennial ‘Green Gap’ by Facilitating Sustainable Fashion Consumption Behaviours
Bokyung Um, Catarina Santos, Sharihan Abdirahman, Aoife Power, and Zainab Uddin (University College London)

Student Games Competition

A Mystery for you: A fact-checking game enhanced by large language models (LLMs) and a tangible interface
Haohang Tang, Mrinalini Singha (Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Runner Ups:
AnimalSense: Understanding Beyond-human Sensory Capabilities of Animals via VR Games
Yu Lun Hsu, Chien-Ting Lu, Li-Chun Lu, Chih-Heng Tam, Yu-Chieh Sun, Ting-Kang Wang (National Taiwan University)
Language of Zelda: Facilitating Language Learning Practices Using ChatGPT
Sukran Karaosmanoglu, Elisabeth L Fittschen, Hande Eyicalis, David Kraus, Henrik Nickelmann, Anna Tomko, Frank Steinicke (Universität Hamburg)


Jury Winner:
TimeTunnel Live: Recording and Editing Character Motion in Virtual Reality
Qian Zhou, Aniruddha Prithul, Hans Kellner, Brian Pene, David Ledo, Sebastian Herrera, Hilmar A Koch, George Fitzmaurice, Fraser Anderson (Autodesk Research)
Jury Honorable Mentions:
Demonstrating New Materials, Software, and Hardware from the Hand and Machine Lab
Fiona Bell, Camila Friedman-Gerlicz, Jaime Gould, Erin McClure, Deanna Gelosi, Monica Silva Lovato, Jeff Suina, Alyshia N Bustos, Leah Buechley (Various)
STButton: Exploring Opportunities for Buttons with Spatio-Temporal Tactile Output
Yeonsu Kim, Jisu Yim, JaeHyun Kim, Kyunghwan Kim, Geehyuk Lee (KAIST)
Popular Choice Winner:
Adaptive and Immersive XR Interactions with Wearable Interface
Sang Ho Yoon, Youjin Sung, Kun Woo Song, Kyungeun Jung, Kyungjin Seo, Jina Kim, Hyung Il Yi, Nicha Vanichvoranun, Hanseok Jeong, Hojeong Lee (KAIST)
Popular Choice Honorable Mention:
Swarm Body: Embodied Swarm Robots
Sosuke Ichihashi, So Kuroki, Mai Nishimura, Kazumi Kasaura, Takefumi Hiraki, Kazutoshi Tanaka, Shigeo Yoshida (Various)
Demonstrating New Materials, Software, and Hardware from the Hand and Machine Lab
Fiona Bell, Camila Friedman-Gerlicz, Jaime Gould, Erin McClure, Deanna Gelosi, Monica Silva Lovato, Jeff Suina, Alyshia N Bustos, Leah Buechley (Various)

Welcome to CHI 2024!

The ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction.

CHI (pronounced “kai”) takes place in Honolulu, at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, USA from 11-16 May 2024, while also supporting remote attendance.

The conference embraces the theme of Surfing the World – reflecting the focus on pushing forth the wave of cutting-edge technology and riding the tide of new developments in human-computer interaction. The conference serves as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders to share their latest work and ideas and to foster collaboration and innovation in the field. Attendees will Surf the World of technology by engaging in keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and other interactive sessions focusing on the latest developments and trends in the field. The conference’s location, known for its beautiful beaches and world-class surf spots, adds a unique and inspiring setting for attendees to come together and exchange ideas to open global access to CHI. The CHI conference is the premier event in the field and Surfing the World represents its commitment to inviting everyone to explore and advance the frontiers of human-computer interaction.

It is with profound reflection that we offer up this Land Acknowledgement, acknowledging Hawaiʻi as an indigenous space whose original people are today identified as Kanaka ‘Ōiwi – Native Hawaiians. The ʻāina of Kaʻākaukukui on which we will gather is located in the ahupuaʻa of Waikiki, in the moku of Kona, on the mokupuni of Oʻahu, in the paeʻāina of Hawaiʻi. We recognize that her majesty Queen Liliʻuokalani yielded the Hawaiian Kingdom and these territories under duress and protest to the United States to avoid the bloodshed of her people. We further recognize that generations of indigenous Hawaiians and their knowledge systems shaped Hawaiʻi in a sustainable way that allows us to enjoy her gifts today. For this, we are grateful as guests. We seek to support the varied strategies that the Indigenous peoples of Hawai‘i are using to protect their land and their communities, and we commit to dedicating time and resources to working in solidarity. Mahalo.

See you at CHI 2024!

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller, Penny Kyburz
CHI 2024 General Chairs

Julie Williamson, Corina Sas
CHI 2024 Technical Program Chairs

Irina Shklovski, Phoebe Toups Dugas, and Max L. Wilson
CHI 2024 Papers Chairs

Overview of Submission Deadlines and Notifications

Submission Notification
Papers (Abstracts & Metadata) 2023/09/07
Papers 2023/09/14 2024/01/19
Case Studies 2023/10/12 2023/12/07
Courses 2023/10/12 2023/11/30
In-Person Doctoral Consortium 2023/11/09 2023/12/14
Remote Doctoral Consortium 2024/01/25 2024/02/29
Workshops 2023/10/12 2023/11/30
alt.chi 2023/12/14 2024/02/01
Panels 2023/12/14 2024/02/01
SIGs 2023/12/14 2024/02/01
Interactivity 2024/01/17 2024/02/15
Late Breaking Work 2024/01/25 2024/02/29
Student Game Competition 2024/01/18 2024/02/08
Student Research Competition 2024/01/18 2024/02/08
Student Design Competition 2024/01/18 2024/02/08
Journal Article Presentations 2023/12/21
Video Showcase 2024/01/17 2024/02/15


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